Connect with your sensual PLEASURE as a way to ground, nourish and restore yourself in these changing and challenging times of uncertainty, chaos and fear.

Shelter in Pleasure:

Self- Love Rituals for Women

All LIVE calls have completed.
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so that you can be guided through the richness of these powerful sessions.

These were FREE virtual gatherings of women co-creating a sensual, loving, sex-positive community
and a deep, nourishing connection to self.


Whether you are in isolation alone, craving physical touch and connection OR you are quarantined with family/friends and craving some personal time all to yourself, these rituals provides the perfect opportunity to attend to your primary relationship- the one with yourself!

And not only will you be nurturing your relationship with yourself but you are doing it in a community of sisterhood. The power of connection and shared intention is incredibly healing and uplifting! Experience it for yourself!

You will experience how devoting intentional time to your self-care, to connecting to sensual pleasure in your body, and to lovingly being with yourself, while simultaneously being in community, can be a tremendous source of nourishment and restoration for your whole being.

This ritual is for you if you want to:

  • Deepen your intimate connection with yourself, your body and your sensuality so that you can experience more joy, self-love and appreciation for yourself and your life.
  • Feel supported and inspired while exploring your sexuality and erotism so you can open up to greater realms of pleasure, fun and healing.
  • Come into a state of full presence and surrender so that you can experience even more pleasure and the most profound, powerful orgasms yet!  
  • Utilize your pleasure and erotic energy as a source of nourishment, creativity, inspiration and power.
  • Feel connected to a community of supportive, empowered, inspiring women.
  • Release and transform fear, shame and insecurities about your sexuality and/or body.

**This ritual is open to Female-bodied and/or Female-identified persons of any sexual orientation desiring to be connected in divine, feminine sisterhood. Please contact me in advance with any questions or concerns at **

  •  Usha is an incredible facilitator. She held a beautiful container where we all felt safe, liberated, and able to dive deep within ourselves... I think it is imperative for all women to gather in this connective and honest way, to discover together, to be liberated by common fears and desires, and be empowered to learn what we want and how to ask for it." -Alexa N.


Every ritual is slightly different, with a unique theme and opening meditation. In each session we explore a variety of specific somatic practices, breathwork and/or visualizations. This provides you the opportunity to explore sensuality and pleasure in a variety of embodied ways, which can support new experiences, open you up to new possibilities, and enhance a healthy relationship to your sexuality and your body, (to name just a few of the many benefits of a guided practice!)

What to Expect:

  • I will guide you through a grounding meditation and intention setting to start the ritual.
  • The pleasure ritual will be a guided practice, supporting you to deeply connect to your breath, your sensuality and sexuality, and all parts of your body with pleasure, appreciation and love.  
  • We will use self-touch, visualizations, breath, sound and movement to activate and expand pleasure in the body and anchor it into our bodies and hearts as a source of nourishment, creativity and power.  
  • The collective intention of this ritual is to use the cultivation of our pleasure and eroticism to support us in embodying health, happiness, vibrancy, joy and any other positive qualities you are welcoming into your life at this time. 
  • You are invited and encouraged to explore pleasure in any ways that feel good to you. This might be a soft, playful and innocent exploration of your sensuality, or a wild and expressive, sexual exploration of your arousal and orgasmic pleasure.  
  • In the privacy of your own space you are welcome to be naked or not, dress up, dance, stimulate your genitals, use sex toys, massage yourself with oils, make lots of sound, be quiet and tender, express all emotions, cry, laugh, play, feel sexy, act silly…. The possibilities are endless and all are welcome. 

How to prepare:

  • Set-up a comfortable and private space for yourself before the call. (Perhaps in your bedroom, or if you don’t have much privacy perhaps it’s the bathtub with blankets and pillows!) 
  • Clean and clear your sacred space of any clutter, maybe light some candles and/or incense, set-up an altar or have some special objects present, grab your tarot or oracle cards, a journal, put on some music, etc.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you desire.
  • I recommend having some skin friendly oils for massaging yourself, as well as essential oils to awaken your sense of smell. 
  • Have any sex toys or lube readily available if you might want to use those.
  • Come with an open mind and clear intention of how this pleasure practice can support and serve you during this time.

Usha Rose is an Erotic Embodiment Guide and a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach.  She is passionate about supporting women to lovingly embrace their sensuality, experience more pleasure and enjoy an intimate connection to their sexuality so that they can powerfully create a life of love, joy and freedom.

She offers private coaching and online group programs.

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  •  If you're interested in sexuality, embodiment, and living from an empowered place I highly recommend working with Usha. She holds a fun, educational, and safe space for groups and is also able to connect with everyone individually to meet them where they are and encourage participation. Usha has a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to share with her students. I was feeling like I had reached a plateau in my journey of sexual expression and now I feel more confident to embody my unique erotic nature and speak my boundaries. Our time together was playful, deep, and very activating. -Amara E.

Questions? Still wondering if this is right for you? 

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  •  Usha is a patient, observant and playful facilitator. I fully appreciated her approach in creating a soft and erotic space for all sisters to open up in. I recommend her workshops to anyone who is desiring to embrace their womanhood, sexuality and connection to sisterhood." -Adelaide